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California Road Trip

This is a collection of shots after enjoying the last week camping up and down the California coast scoring fun waves. It never went below knee high and we got lucky with a few sessions of chest high waves which kept us thirsty for more. We covered a little over 600 miles across the state wandering from Huntington beach up through Ventura and onto Morro Bay before coming back home again to enjoy Turkey day with our cousins in Mission Viejo.

Wax Surf Co Quiver for the trip

Route 1 North

Colton shredding around Morro Bay

Wave dance on land

Ferg underestimating how tight of a turn he can make grabbing rail

First light pealers right out front

R/V Life

Colt and Ferg ready for another log day

Colt getting low on his new 9' Log from Wax Surf Co

Ferg making a mad dash for some waist high fun

One day it turned offshore and size came up for us to enjoy.

Morning light inside the tube

Water clarity was incredible the whole time up north

More mushy fun peaks

View coming south looking over Santa Barbara

Ventura Point early morning on Thanksgiving

Couple locals being thankful for some fun waves

Colton attempting to find the least rocky spot to paddle out

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