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A December to Remember

Starting from right after Thanksgiving this year we have been in an active storm cycle sending multiple days of waves ranging from fun log mornings to pumping overhead waves.

So many spots up and down the coast went off, sharing the love and spreading out the crowds, allowing everyone to get a little piece for themselves.

There was a mix of sun, stormy weather, snow, rain all across this run of swell.

Nick Carrellas connecting with one off the top during an afternoon session between work shifts.

The snow was coming down pretty heavy at times, all before dark trying to find a few corners, swimming into position to get linked up with the boys in the water.

It wasn't easy fighting the current and keeping the lens clean between the clean up sets.

According to Surfline December is one of the most active months and was predicted to be 'below average' due to La Nina, I think they are going to have to revise that forecast for next year.

Using my new Fujifilm X-H2 its been fun to play around and get used to the mirrorless set up, on the lens front still need to work out what the next lens will be.

Here is to hoping that 2023 will continue this dream run of swell we have had up and down the east coast!

Focus wasn't everything, slowing things down to get as much in the frame as possible was a new challenge.


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