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Southwest France

Over the past week I was able to explore the Southwest portion of France driving everywhere from Biarritz all the way up Lacanau and back down to Hossegor to watch the WSL Quick Pro event. Seeing guys who I have watched on TV from thousands of miles away up close and personal blasting through the water was incredible. Here is a small collection of my images. Head on over to Atlantic Surf Mag to see my full feature based on my time in France -

Sunset along the Biarritz coast in town.

Exploring town following the locals to find the best drinking holes.

Beach traffic up and down Hossegor.

Looking down the coast of Biarritz with just a few homies out.

Early morning beach walks.

John John, Jordy and boys hang out at dawn prior to the comp kicking off.

Stephanie Gilmore finding some tube time prior to the comp.

John off the top.

Inside out of the French beach breaks

Size and power of the Atlantic.

Early morning beauty.

Sunset beachwalks up north in Lacanau.

Foggy barrels.

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